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British Breeder is the only magazine dedicated to promoting and supporting British bred sport horses and ponies. Given the Redpin treatment, with a full makeover and new bespoke design, the magazine was re-launched at the 2012 British Stallion Event to much acclaim. The magazine is edited by Cat Wood of the BEF and published by Redpin on behalf of the BEF and BBSH (The British Bred Sport Horse). Redpin are also responsible for the advertising sales. For anyone serious about breeding and producing British bred sport horses and ponies the magazine is available three times a year. 

  • A fresh look
  • Modern and new format
  • Data specific for a focused market
  • Relevant whether you breed, own, produce, compete or just enjoy British Bred Sport Horses
  • Supporting the BEF and BBSH in promoting the British Bred Sports Horse or Pony

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To find out more about the promotion of British bred sport horses and ponies and the Futurity evaluation scheme visit www.bef.co.uk or to view the magazine visit www.britishbreedermagazine.co.uk