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2008 saw the launch of East Anglia Rider filling a gap within the area for a free regional pick up. Covering Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and North London, East Anglia Rider provides its avid readership with a constant supply of articles, local news and editorial together with a strong events diary featuring many of the top event centres within the region. Each month the magazine brings to readers what they want; free reports, reviews, training articles and more. Available from a variety of outlets, East Anglia Rider can also be delivered direct to the reader's door through its subscription facility.

As demand for the magazine increases each year we see a growth of magazines being printed and sent out to outlets, making it even easier to be picked up.

Website and Facebook

East Anglia Rider is supported by its own dedicated website and facebook page. Its ever growing community following is fed by the latest in regional information and receives constant comments and updates from its loyal followers. 

Visit the website www.eastangliarider.co.uk

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