Redpin Publishing Ltd provide a range of services from: contract publishing and printing to video production and event management.

With over 20 years of experience of producing our own leading portfolio of magazines, we can offer you a full design, print and advertising service; or we can put together a package to meet your individual needs that can include video production and digital support. We work with clients from a wide range of organisations and our flexible approach ensures that you will receive the best possible experience tailored to your audiences’ requirements.

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Our specialist titles are flagship, industry leading magazines that you can get delivered direct to your door. If you want to be in the know with all the happenings of your discipline, then these titles are for you.


At Redpin we produce innovative and unique ideas for our partners. We connect the dots through a variety of different media avenues, incorporating digital content, promotional videos and print support. We are always pushing boundaries to the limit and we love nothing more than a challenge.

Maybe you have a magazine vision that you want brought to life or you would like a promotional video for you company or maybe you run an event with lots of potential to grow but need some side-line support?


You can find everything you need on our comprehensive shop. From here you can purchase subscriptions or single issues of magazines as well browse our range of merchandise.


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